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The Solution enables viewing the current position of the school bus along with the students currently in the bus in real time. Apart from all basic functionality, sms to Parents on students alighting or boarding the bus, speed, driver information, etc.

Push Notification / SMS

Parents get notifications in form of either sms, email or mobile app notification regarding their child has boarded the bus, Reached the school (disembarking the bus), Left the school (boarded the bus back home), Child not reported to School, etc.

StudentTracker can be easily accessed on Internet connected devices such as mobiles, tablets, personal computers

View the real-time location of bus

StudentTracker enables parents to view the current location of the school bus in which there child is travelling, So as to plan picking up or dropping the child, or simply to know the where about of the bus. This becomes critical during unrest environment, or at times when it take more than normal time for the child to reach the pickup point.

Parents and School Management can have peace of mind with the real time information available on the mobile app as well as the laptop or computers.

Supports multiple tracking modes NFC | RFID | QRCODE | BIOMETRIC

StudentTracker supports multiple tracking modes such as:

NFC (Near Field Communication) mode for short-range wireless technologies to share information,
RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) mode to automatically identify and track tags attached to it,
QRCODE typically used for storing code information for reading by the camera on a Smartphone and BIOMETRIC is used to identify a person by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits.

Information on Change of driver

If the driver of the school bus changes either for a day or a few days or moving forward from that particular day, a notification will be send to parents keeping them informed about the change, with Driver name and his contact details as available.

The School or the bus operator can moderate this information and keep it up to date.

Student Tracking Management for the School

StudentTracker enables powerful student tracking management for the school. This enhances the school image as it’s serious about student’s security, along with this the student’s attendance is tracked. Absent students information is pushed to parents.

Track the number of trips made by school bus in a particular day; between two specified dates and in a month. This creates certainty for school officials regarding the bus operators or its own operations.

Mobile App for Parents

Parents can install Student Locator mobile app in their mobiles. This enables the parents to estimate at what time the bus is arriving in the Pickup/drop point, track the speed of the bus, can get the Information of driver and Number of trips made as of now and in between two dates.

Access from anywhere 24x7x365

StudentTracker enables getting real time data of the assets, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Gain secure access to CloudLoacter platform from virtually anywhere and from any device which browser capability and internet connectivity.

Our Robust architecture makes sure that the platform has a maximum possible uptime.

Secure Access

256 bit encrypted network, we take security very seriously, all our security certificates are A+, assure our users the strongest possible encryption when transmitting information over public or private cloud network.

All the information tracked by CloudLocater platform is stored in secure cloud-based system which has strict access control, second factor authentication (2FA), etc.

Enterprise Grade Platform

CloudLocater is an enterprise grade platform providing reliability and stability for all the solution that are powered by it. API’s are released for enthusiastic developers to develop application that need scalability and stability for its success and rapid growth.

CloudLocater is “enterprise-centric” and deliver upon the non-core, yet vitally important, functions that enterprises demand.