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The solution is specially designed for corporate client like Bus Operator with at least 100 buses to be tracked and located . Online dedicated portal for 24x7x365 access.

View Real- time location of your Buses

Real-time location of buses is all about having useful information available to the passenger waiting at a bus stop as well as to the bus operator. Not just any data, but data that is timely and accurate.

The data is refreshed every 10-30 seconds providing each Public bus exact position. The display is an easy to use map with arrows showing the route that any chosen vehicle has taken. The screen is auto-refreshed so you can follow your bus movement on a detailed map, including street address.

Post Data in real time {online / offline mode supported}

PublicBusLocater works in both online and offline mode, if for any reason the connectivity is lost, all the information (GPS location, Data and images) is stored on the local device and is synced backed immediately once the connectivity is restored.

Providing a reliable solution in places where connectivity is an issue, or far off locations or otherwise.

Collision / Accident location tracking for efficient damage control

Its critical for the bus operators to know of any accident or collisions that happens to the buses it operates, the exact location of the incident will assist the operator to take immediate action like initiate a call for ambulance, fire engine and or its internal emergency response team.

During such incident the time is of essence in damage control process, PublicBusLocater will give the exact GPS location with street address to the operator. The operators are more informed in responding to emergency calls as efficiently as possible.

Improve Service

PublicBusLocater helps in regular monitoring of the bus arrivals, this helps in preventing delay, providing instant notifications. Timely identification of the problem and correcting it right a way to save the time, money and maintaining user satisfaction.

If any delays are caused by the driver or any other manual reasons that can be analysed and informed action or decisions can be taken.

Reports for Effective Business Decisions

Businesses that offer Public bus services must make sure that they cut costs wherever possible without negatively affecting the services that they offer. Business Intelligent Reports make it easier for managers to make important business decisions that can reduce costs while improving services.

PublicBusLocater solution you get precise information about travel times and distances. Instead of relying on approximations, you get detailed data that makes it possible to lower costs while improving the services clients receive. Every effective decision made by Operator has an impact on better end user experience.

PublicBusLocater can help you make informed decisions that will make your business more successful. Contact us to learn more about how a real-time tracking system could benefit your business and passengers.

Alerts & Notifications / SMS to drivers linked to the bus

Notification / Alerts can be triggered based on Speeding, Idling, Geo-Fences, Enter and Exit, Start/Stop and many more depending on the need of the environment. Notifications can be triggered instantly via SME, E-Mail or push messages PublicBusLocate can also notify the approximate arrival time of the bus to the bus stop, passengers can plan their arrival accordingly.

Access from anywhere 24x7x365

PublicBusLocater enables getting real time data of the assets, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Gain secure access to CloudLoacter platform from virtually anywhere and from any device which browser capability and internet connectivity.

Our Robust architecture makes sure that the platform has a maximum possible uptime.

Secure Access

256 bit encrypted network, we take security very seriously, all our security certificates are A+, assure our users the strongest possible encryption when transmitting information over public or private cloud network.

All the information tracked by CloudLocater platform is stored in secure cloud-based system which has strict access control, second factor authentication (2FA), etc.

Enterprise Grade Platform

CloudLocater is an enterprise grade platform providing reliability and stability for all the solution that are powered by it. API's are released for enthusiastic developers to develop application that need scalability and stability for its success and rapid growth.

CloudLocater is "enterprise-centric" and deliver upon the non-core, yet vitally important, functions that enterprises demand.