A solution must for all the police departments



The solution is specially designed for corporate client like Police with at least 100 police car to be tracked and located . Online dedicated portal for 24x7x365 access.

View the real-time location of Police car

Real-time location of Police car is all about having useful information regarding your fleet readily available to you. Not just any data, but data that is timely and accurate.

The data is refreshed every 10-30 seconds providing each Police car's exact position. The display is an easy to use map with arrows showing the route that any chosen vehicle has taken. The screen is auto-refreshed so you can follow your vehicle's movement on a detailed map, including street address.

Police Car closest to Crime scene

Police departments usually use radios to reach out to available officers and ask them to go to a possible crime scene, but this can be improved if the dispatch team is able to view the location of the patrol cars and immediately find and assign the closest car. Officer safety is also a large benefit of the trackers as dispatch can locate an officer that may be incapacitated and send someone out to assist them in cases when they are not able to radio back to ask for help.

Enforce Work zones (Officers stay in assigned area)

Police Car Locator also helps in effective management of a massive police work force. Department heads can easily track the location of every squad car, officers whom they want to perform the job at all times without taking unnecessary breaks. It also helps in tracing any missing officer from the assigned job. It also helps in safeguarding the personnel working at the police department.

There is no need to rely on the information displayed an hour ago, or even few minutes ago. In fact you can monitor your officers as well as their equipment's easily without reducing costs or improving any kind of services.

Track history of any police car u to 60 days

The efficient and reliable database system stores the information of police cars and officers which is accessible at any point of time. The officials can access the history of any police car up to 60 days anytime. Information is safe and secure on our cloud database, there is no possibility of an intruder checking the legal content and other information. In the police department, it is very essential to keep records of each and every detail and it will help in solving complex cases as well. Past activities can easily be accessible via our platform without any difficulty.

SMS to offices linked to the police car

Notifications/Alerts will be instantly triggered via SMS, e-mail or push messages to the nearby or connected police stations based on speeding, idling, Geo-fences, Enter and exit, Start/Stop and many more depending on the need of the hour.

Idling, Distance travelled, Unnecessary speeding, Locate missing Car

Unnecessary speeding not only dangers the officer's life but also the lives of the common people that comes in their way. It also increases the fuel consumption. For example, exceeding the highway posted limit by 20 KPH increases fuel consumption by up to 20%.

Arriving at work late, long lunches, leaving work early—under-work and over-billing is a costly problem that Police Car Locater helps in eliminating, resulting in productivity of the workforce

Police Car Locator help in tracking and tracing a missing or lost Police car.

Access from anywhere 24x7x365

PoliceCarLocater enables getting real time data of the assets, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Gain secure access to CloudLoacter platform from virtually anywhere and from any device which browser capability and internet connectivity.

Our Robust architecture makes sure that the platform has a maximum possible uptime.

Secure Access

256 bit encrypted network, we take security very seriously, all our security certificates are A+, assure our users the strongest possible encryption when transmitting information over public or private cloud network.

All the information tracked by CloudLocater platform is stored in secure cloud-based system which has strict access control, second factor authentication (2FA), etc.

Enterprise Grade Platform

CloudLocater is an enterprise grade platform providing reliability and stability for all the solution that are powered by it. API's are released for enthusiastic developers to develop application that need scalability and stability for its success and rapid growth.

CloudLocater is "enterprise-centric" and deliver upon the non-core, yet vitally important, functions that enterprises demand.