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The solution is specially designed for corporate client with at least 100 Asset to be tracked and located . Online dedicated portal for 24x7x365 access.

Track your Assets

AssetLocater tracks most kind of physical assets like Laptops, smart-phones, tablets, Hardware & machinery, Computer accessories, Vehicles, Legal documents, contracts, Painting, fine art, Tools, etc. methods of tracking this physical assets, include scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS or RFID which broadcast their location.

AssetLocater provides the required software, hardware, and asset tags that are required to quickly implement the solution.

Not just local but international tracking with our 'GLOBAL ASSET TRACKER'

Tracking an assets is not limited on geographical basis. Assets can be track locally as well as in any part of the world (anywhere and anytime) with GLOBAL ASSET TRACKER solution. Hardware devices with a battery life of more than 200 days in a single charge. Our global SIM card will let your device connect and report its location from any place with GSM 2G coverage. It will work in the most part of the world, excluding Japan, North and South Korea.

Improve Processes

AssetLocater enables quickly locating critical equipment when it's needed to avoid purchasing new, redundant assets. Maintain more accurate physical inventories with less manual labor (labor savings can be reduced by 90%), Comply with various regulations, Reduce shrinkage and lost assets, Improve security for critical assets, Improve the capital expenditure process, Increase productivity with automated business processes, Increase the utilization of the assets (30-70% on average), Simplify audits collects all the required information and generates reports.

Reports for Effective Business Decisions

AssetLocater's Management Dashboard enabling instantaneous & informed decision making at a glance, the built in reporting module enables

Alerts & Notifications

Speeding, Idling, Geo-Fences, Enter and Exit, Start/Stop and Dozens More Alert Notifications:Notified Instantly by sms or E-Mail - Speeding, Long Stops, Excessive Idling or Any Other Report Selected

Access from anywhere 24x7x365

AssetLocater enables getting real time data of the assets, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Gain secure access to CloudLoacter platform from virtually anywhere and from any device which browser capability and internet connectivity.

Our Robust architecture makes sure that the platform has a maximum possible uptime.

Secure Access

256 bit encrypted network, we take security very seriously, all our security certificates are A+, assure our users the strongest possible encryption when transmitting information over public or private cloud network.

All the information tracked by CloudLocater platform is stored in secure cloud-based system which has strict access control, second factor authentication (2FA), etc.

Enterprise Grade Platform

CloudLocater is an enterprise grade platform providing reliability and stability for all the solution that are powered by it. API's are released for enthusiastic developers to develop application that need scalability and stability for its success and rapid growth.

CloudLocater is "enterprise-centric" and deliver upon the non-core, yet vitally important, functions that enterprises demand.