A solution must for all the hospitals



The solution is specially designed for corporate client like hospital with at least 100 ambulance to be tracked and located. Online dedicated portal for 24x7x365 access.

Track your Ambulance's

Every second counts in a medical emergency, so it is important for ambulances to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. An emergency vehicle tracking system makes it easier for healthcare facilities and private services to respond to emergency calls as efficiently as possible. Cloudlocater uses the latest technology that provides real-time updates about your ambulances. This makes it possible for your business to save more lives while saving more money.

Determine closest Ambulance to an emergency call

AmbulanceLocater lets you know exactly where your emergency vehicles are at all times. This offers several benefits that can improve the services you offer clients. Benefits include Pinpointing vehicle locations to determine which EMS team is closest to an emergency call providing real-time directions to ambulance drivers so they can take quick routes while avoiding heavy traffic and accidents.

Improve Service

AmbulanceLocater can also help you make sure that your EMS teams stay on task at all times. This can significantly improve the services that clients receive while helping you keep accurate records about travel times, useful routes, and the number of employees that you need in the field during high-volume periods. With an emergency vehicle tracking system you can Monitor each ambulance to make sure EMS crews follow directions and orders properly Make sure EMS crews focus on their jobs and do not take unauthorized breaks Determine which routes allow drivers to reach popular destinations (hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.) fastest.

Reports for Effective Business Decisions

Businesses that offer EMS services must make sure that they cut costs wherever possible without negatively affecting the services that they offer. Business Intelligent Reports make it easier for managers to make important business decisions that can reduce costs while improving services. With AmbulanceLocater solution you get precise information about travel times and distances. Instead of relying on approximations, you get detailed data that makes it possible to lower costs while improving the services clients receive. Every decision made by medical professionals has an impact on someone's life. AmbulanceLocater can help you make informed decisions that will make your business more successful. Contact us to learn more about how a real-time EMS ambulance GPS tracking system could benefit your business and clients.

Alerts & Notifications

Notification / Alerts can be triggered based on Speeding, Idling, Geo-Fences, Enter and Exit, Start/Stop and many more depending on the need of the environment. Notifications can be triggered instantly via SME, E-Mail or push messages AmbulanceLocater can also notify the approximate arrival time of the ambulance to the hospital so that the required medical equipment's can be prepared for the arrival of the patient.

Better management and accountability for Hospital Management

Safety, security and accountability are fundamental expectations of hospital management. AmbulanceLocater is cost-effective solution that demonstrates a high return on investment for Hospital management.

Based on our decades of experience we understand no one solution fits all, we have the standard solutions which are available for immediate deployment, on top of that we specialise is providing customised problem solving solutions, Please speak to one of our experience solution architect to understand how the solution can work for you and also if required customize a solution specific to your environment.

Access from anywhere 24x7x365

AmbulanceLocater enables getting real time data of the assets, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year. Gain secure access to CloudLoacter platform from virtually anywhere and from any device which browser capability and internet connectivity.

Our Robust architecture makes sure that the platform has a maximum possible uptime.

Secure Access

256 bit encrypted network, we take security very seriously, all our security certificates are A+, assure our users the strongest possible encryption when transmitting information over public or private cloud network.

All the information tracked by CloudLocater platform is stored in secure cloud-based system which has strict access control, second factor authentication (2FA), etc.

Enterprise Grade Platform

CloudLocater is an enterprise grade platform providing reliability and stability for all the solution that are powered by it. API's are released for enthusiastic developers to develop application that need scalability and stability for its success and rapid growth.

CloudLocater is "enterprise-centric" and deliver upon the non-core, yet vitally important, functions that enterprises demand.